For people, who insist on the best, an irrigation professional has to   offer for services,maintenance and installations of sprinkler systems.

Our knowledge and experience to service and  maintain sprinkler systems of any type is based on our 32 years in the irrigation business.   We are what people need and expect.  Were...

What to expect from us? Areas we service

We believe that providing quality services goes beyond opening and closing your sprinkler systems.

We are the first Irrigation company in Quebec to service & maintain existing sprinkler systems as our main activity, and this, before we seek to install new systems. 

We service sprinkler systems for residential and commercial clients in the greater Montreal area and it's surrounding suburbs  as well as  Northern Laurentians  of Montreal. 

Why consider us ?

Our staff of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who maintain excellent service techniques for irrigation systems since 1977.

Our experienced client care services answer your calls quickly and  efficiently. Our office staff has been trained on the field , servicing and installing irrigation systems  for 3 years prior before they can answer to your irrigation needs.

Pro-Action Irrigation has the most experienced and trained technicians both in our office and servicing our clients . No one has our experience, with 32 years of hard earned knowledge.

When servicing, designing or installing irrigation systems, offering you the best after sale services from the most experienced certified professional in North America.

Looking for us?

Due to an overload of calls from solicitors asking to buy this...try that ... plus consumers calling every irrigation company in the book for a free quote, competing with 5 or more companies, adding hours of work and travel to meet clients, design, prepare the cost,  became so overwhelming and disappointing.  Mostly 1 of 10 people seek professionals with experience and  insist on quality, warranty and after sale services, the others seek the cheapest irrigation contractor. 

There are at least 50 companies in Montreal offering irrigation systems, but less than 10 have over 15 years experience, only 3 including  us, have over 30 years experience. Losing sales to them is okay (good competitors) but losing  a sale to a Joe-Pick-Up who cuts prices to get the job, has no insurance, offers no guaranty or after sales service is bad for the irrigation trade. We never see them during the summer, but we usually end up helping their clients!  If you notice a problem after they installed your system,  they hardly ever return to correct it. Why?  Because they don't know how to fix their mistakes, not enough knowledge! not knowing what they did wrong is common.

We are no longer listed in phone books ! WE WENT GREEN!  Our phone number is private. Why pay for publicity to solicit for us?  I told you why we don't.  We made a point of continuously reminding our clients to talk about us to family and friends, their neighbours saw our presence frequently in their areas. Our loyal family of satisfied clients continued to bring us new business.  Our way of keeping our services unique.

Now we have this Web Site  to make it easier for people who know of us or are simply looking for experts to take care of their irrigation needs.