About Us

The result of our success is a staff that is committed to quality and after sale services.

Our experience and knowledge gained by servicing different types of systems ,designing and installing sprinkler systems for homeowners and commercial businesses.working for the first irrigation company in Montreal GERALD PERRON CANADA, gaining even more  experience through the1980's installing systems for golf courses, in and around Montreal.

In 1989 my partner Sylvain Frigon took the leap to start his own business in Quebec City.  During our 7 years in Quebec, we had the privilege to design and install systems for the National Battle Fields: Joan of Arc Park, Chateau Frontenac: rooftop gardens, soccer and football fields etc. view photo album. 

In the fall of 1996 Holmes Irrigation our sister company in Laval, asked us to come back home to Montreal offering us both excellent jobs. We sold our business and started our new jobs in spring of 1997, to managing the service department , I constantly received calls from people looking for better service.  I realized not very many irrigation providers had the knowledgeable staff to fulfil the demand to service in a 6 to 8 week rush period to schedule the demand of spring openings.  I couldn't believe how many people were receiving terrible after sale services, almost every irrigation company in Montreal prefers installing over servicing. System owners were not getting the service once the system had been installed. I felt the panic they were experiencing when calling me to see if we could service them faster than the  company they trusted their business with. Being brushed off by their service provider, they should be the first... spring is different every 3 to 7 years, just like snow falls in winter. Weather is an unpredictable factor every spring, When spring  has sufficient rainfalls , you run after your clients to schedule your trucks, if theres no rain for 3 days , clients panic. Watered grass is greedy grass , it needs water to stay green, the roots are not deep enough to handle the shock of not being irrigated. 

Working for a company that didn't seem to bother making them a priority , I realized we could make a difference. The yearly services that clients depend on should come first. Sadly not enough irrigation companies think that way.  Many companies unplug wires and open valves in the fall when closing systems to prevent clients from doing the opening themselves, that's wrong and dishonest!    

We ended our employment with Holmes Irrigation in the fall of 1999  to start a business of simply servicing, maintaining and modifying systems that incompetent companies were leaving to dry after they had installed the systems. Cleaning up the mess of others seemed very profitable to us and we knew we could help Montreal homeowners get these professional services, we knew we could service any system we encountered better than our competition.

Our suppliers and  irrigation colleagues all said we were nuts!!! They said we couldn't survive just servicing over 500 systems and installing 10 to 20 systems a summer.  

How wrong were they?  Very wrong...

Spring of 2000 Pro-Action Irrigation began it's  first season with only 98 systems confirmed to service, within weeks our customer base tripled to end our first season with over 350 systems serviced , renovated many systems and completed 6 system installations with the help of our good friends in landscaping also believing in us was a great feeling. Our past co-workers also Irrigation business owners and still good friends were lending us their pipe pullers and giving us a hand to install 2 sport field systems which ended our season with a bang!   Our clients were letting family and friends know that we were out there eager to serve!

Pro-Action Irrigation is now in it's 10th season and still growing strong. Our family of customers have remained loyal to us and are still satisfied with the way we service them. Taking care of our clients first helped us succeed and become a strong and competitive service company. Having a reputation as being the best technicians available to solve any problem in Montreal, was a plus for us !  We still maintain systems Sylvain installed over 25 to 30 years ago!  We got the systems opened up fast and early like it should be done before seeking new business, We take care of our Family first!  We see many gardeners come and go, but they keep us for a reason! GOOD SERVICE.

We still service the clients who had confidence and encouraged us when we started our new business, They have remained loyal to us to this day. To all our loyal family of clients, We say thank you for your loyalty. We will continue to repay you with our personalized professional services and value every visit  you need  for many more seasons.